Elizabeth Drake 

Elizabeth DrakeReader of books. Creator of worlds.

I’ve been reading romance stories since I first discovered Victoria Holt tucked away in my mother’s closet.

My husband later hooked me on fantasy.

Merging my two passions, I love a good romance story, especially if it has knights in shining armor,elves, dragons, or wizards.

To Love a Prince – Coming Soon!

True love is supposed to conquer all, but for Prince Eli, it might just lead to civil war.

Charismatic and feared, Prince Eli should be next in line for the Tamryn throne – except, the Dragon Church won’t give him its blessing. With the king dying and his kingdom on the brink of civil war, Prince Eli concocts a plan to destroy the Dragon Church and take the throne. Until he finds himself half-way across the world and captivated by Auburn, a beautiful and intelligent slave trying to win her freedom.


While Auburn is attracted to the handsome and powerful prince, he’s made it clear Tamryn’s rules of succession forbid him from giving her the only thing she wants – a family of her own. But her heart isn’t listening as she helps him survive the political machinations of her kingdom so they can both return to Tamryn.


Their growing attraction deepens to a love more powerful than either of them could have imagined, but the enemies of the Dragon God will stop at nothing to crush the Dragon Church. Now Auburn and Prince Eli must face an ancient evil that could destroy them and the very kingdom he sought to save.