I Want to Eat Healthy. Really!

It’s the time of year when so many people are settling in to their New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t bother with any this year. Yes, I want to eat healthier, but that is a tired refrain that never comes to much.

I actually prefer healthy foods over fast food. I like home-cooked meals better than what is served at most restaurants.

Looks so much better than McDonalds

When people ask me if I could have one helper, would I want a chef, a maid, or a gardener, I never have to think about it. Chef, please!

Like every other working mom, I am time-constrained. Gone are the days when one person stays home and has the time to fix from-scratch food. Heck, we didn’t even have that luxury when I was a kid.

When I get home from work, it’s a lot easier and faster for me to whip up some burgers in my new cast iron pan and serve it on white buns (that the kids will actually eat) with some baby carrots, strawberries and a side of chips than it is for me to roast chicken.

Yeah, still looks better than what I normally can make.

Taco night is celebrated in my house because the kids love it, and it’s fast.

A friend of mine tried one of those fancy new food delivery services, and she was extremely critical.

Not exactly.

  She didn’t need someone to send her a box of veggies for her to chop and dice. She’d expected the stuff to arrive mostly prepared. The vegetables ready to be popped into the oven. The main dish already seasoned and ready to be cooked.

She had NOT expected to spend 45 minutes prepping dinner before it even found its way into the oven. Whoever thinks it only takes ten minutes to chop and slice all that stuff is NOT your average home cook.

She canceled her subscription to the service and strongly advised against it. Maybe that’s not what most food delivery services are like, and if they are, there is clearly a market for someone to do better.

If it doesn’t exist already (and if it does, please point me to it!), what we really need are meal kits filled with fresh, whole foods that are already chopped, seasoned and ready to go. We’re looking for the healthy home-cooked dinner that we can get on the table in twenty minutes or less from the time we get home from work.

Anyone who says forty-five minutes is a weeknight meal either has a stay-at-home spouse or doesn’t have kids. My kids aren’t going to make it to almost seven before eating supper. Especially as their bedtime is eight.

 How about you? Ever try a food delivery service? How did it work out for you? Would you recommend it?


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9 thoughts on “I Want to Eat Healthy. Really!

  1. I looked at food delivery services but they couldn’t accomodate my health dictated food restrictions. There are sooooo many things I can’t eat including salt, gluten and soy that they just didn’t work.

    It tough when you have children. When I was raising my four, I used the slow cooker almost every night and my bread maker often. My middle son told me “good things came out of the slow cooker.”

    1. I’ve tried the slow cooker, but so many recipes I’ve found aren’t really all that healthy. If you have some that worked for you, could you point me in their direction?

      1. Geez. I guess I’d have to write a cookbook. Most are my own adaptations of family recipes. Spaghetti and sausages one pepper cut in strips, one large onion, cut in wedges, one or two packages of turkey sausage Italian style. Dump all it in crock pot. 8 hours on low, 4 hours on high- chili l pound ground beef, chicken or turkey, sautéed until cooked through. 1 large can diced tomatoes, 1 sm can Italian paste, 1 packet low salt McCormicks chili seasoning slow cooker, 1 can chili beans-

      2. Oops– toss in together. If your family likes a strong chili taste 2 Pkgs. can also add a small can crushed tomatoes add a half can of water. 4 hours high 8 hours low. Beef stew–Dredge and brown beef cubes. Add about six peeled an cut into eights potatoes, one large onion cut into wedges, 1 pkg raw baby carrots, two cups beef broth. 8 hours low, 4 hours high. Chicken fajitas– a family favorite. 4 chicken breasts, 1 large pepper cut in strips, 1 large onion cut in wedges, one small can diced tomatoes, one jar your favorite salsa, one packet fajita (for chicken) seasoning. Put all in pot. 4 hours high, 8 hours low. When finished, pull apart with forks, like pulled pork. Serve with fajitas, salsa and sour cream. Rice too. I love my rice cooker. There’s more but those are the basics.

    2. An yes, I do love slow cooker nights! Nothing like coming home and the house smelling like dinner. You wash some berries, set the table, and eat. Those are the best!

  2. I don’t have kids but I still don’t have 45 minutes to prep food. No service can accommodate my food allergies. Sounds like a great business idea, though. I’d buy into 20-minute allergy-friendly meals.

  3. Great post, Elizabeth! My husband and I just started the Whole30 diet. While we are only about a week into the program, I think one of my biggest challenges is that the food is a laundry list of exotic ingredients and takes a tremendous amount of time to prepare! I don’t have children at home and I still don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen after a full day of work! While I have managed to locate some ‘easy’ Whole30 recipes (and plan to give those a try), I’m still struggling to find something in the diet that is easy and tasty!

    Like others, I’d love to find a pre-prepared food service that does all the chopping and cutting and measures everything so all you have to do is put it together! (If it takes more than one pan, it’s generally a ‘no’ in my book!).

    Sounds like Whole30 could offer this type of service and make a ton of money from people like me!

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