How Much Progress Can You Lose?

How much progress can you lose in a few weeks. All right, okay, a month?

A lot, as it turns out.

Vacation, kids, just being lazy, and trying a couch to 5k program got in the way of strength training. I never did figure out how to merge a couch to 5k program into my strength training routine. So, as I started working on the 5k, I fell off the strength training wagon.

For a month.

Yeah, I didn’t realize it had been that long, but as I looked at my log that listed the last day I had trained, it was undeniable.

So, I knew I’d have to ease back from where I was. I just didn’t realize how far I’d have to ease back. Or how much I’d hurt the next day.


I so thought I was over each step I took reminding me I’d overdone it the day before, like when I first started strength training.

See, I try hard not to overdo it in these sessions. I have a day job that requires concentration if not physical exertion, and pain makes it hard to concentrate. I also have two amazing but rambunctious kids that demand my attention. And, I hate asking my husband to run down to the basement to bring up the clothes because my legs have the consistency of jelly or my arms can barely lift a pencil.

Granted, I’m not that bad this time. Okay, I did ask him to bring up the laundry, but I could lift more than pencil.

As I revitalize the routine, I find myself going through another case of the “I’m so hungry I’ll even eat peas” phase. That says something as I can’t stand peas. They’re all wrinkly, and they smell like dirty feet while they cook. Snow peas or pea pods, those are a whole different food stuff. We eat those like they’re candy in our house.


Not sure how long it’ll take me to get back to where I was a month ago. Hoping only a few weeks, but it’s so hard to tell. I’m getting older, and my body is letting me know. I finally broke down and bought compression socks to help with the ankle I broke last year. Probably going to need a compression sleeve for at least one knee. Not so much for the strength training, but practicing for a 5k has been murder on that ankle I broke, especially.

*sigh*  I can’t be a twenty-something forever. And while I’d love the body of my twenty-something self, not sure I’d be willing to trade my wisdom and self-esteem for that body.


How about you? Do you find that a month away from something makes you worse at it? If so, how long does it take you recoup lost ground? If you don’t get worse at it, do you have a secret you can share as to how you manage it?


This is my busy season at work, although really, when isn’t it with the projects in the off season. There has been quite a bit of additional stress this year, especially with my little one getting pneumonia in the middle of it. Still, starting to see light.

On the writing front, I may be able to “finish” my first draft of that very difficult character. So exciting! After everything I went through, 80,000 words I wrote in two other attempts (which I may try to rework for different characters – like the story but I need a less ruthless hero to make them work), I finally may have a rough draft!

It’ll be short again, around 55,000 words. It’ll suffer from lack of description, and I already know one part that needs significant beefing up, but that will come during the first revision phase when I can focus on that rather than where the story is going.

Giddy sort of excitement as Stage 1 wraps up. And maybe a little sadness. I love the part where the characters are in your head “talking” to you. Granted, the rough revisions will bring that back as I rip at the guts of the story rather than focus on grammatical issues like should I use lie or lay.

I still need to work on the mostly finished manuscript, add a bit of flesh to its lean fame, and package it up for submission. It’s been a mixture of wanting to work on the first draft of the new manuscript combined with a bit of procrastination on the old. I hate rejection. It sucks. And I have a long line of it ahead of me to even have a chance to get the first one published.  Ugh.

Back to basking in the joy of an almost done rough draft. And not losing focus on that!