I Hate Trilogies and Here’s Why

I hate trilogies. I know, many of you will disagree with me and point me to epics like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

But I digress.

Well, Tolkien actually intended that to be a single book that publishers thought was too long for the audience of the time. So, they chopped it into three. Which, explains a lot, especially for those of us that saw the movies before we read the books and were quite angry at the end of the first movie when Frodo still had the blasted ring. After how ever many hours. With no bathroom break.

But that’s a story for another time.

No, my hatred of trilogies goes back to my childhood. I’d read a book called The Dark Angel.  Yeah, this story sticks in my head so much I remember the name even many decades later.

Art didn’t look anything like this back in the 80s when I read it.

I was so in love with this book, that I got my mom to take me to the library and snapped up the second book in the series, A Gathering of Gargoyles. What I didn’t know or understand at the time is what a trilogy was. But I was about to find out.

After devouring the second book as well, and I was totally rooting for the heroine and the hero to finally get together. To get their happily-ever-after. Yeah, I was a romance reader from the beginning. I’d been raised on Disney, and I had certain expectations even though I read these long before the Little Mermaid made its debut.

I had no idea why Ariel wanted to be human when I so desperately wanted to be a mermaid.

So, I got to the end of the second book, and I wanted the third book. I begged my mom to take me to the library. After a bit of wrangling, she finally agreed. But the library didn’t have the third book. I lived in a small town with a small library. So I begged, whined and wheedled to get my parents to take me to the big library in the city that allowed me to borrow from them through a library exchange program. This was long before Amazon, and my family had to be frugal. No point buying what we could borrow.

Finally, my parents agreed to take me to the big the library the next day. I wasn’t happy, but if we went early enough, I’d have the book and still be able to finish it before school on Monday.

We got to the library when thy first opened the next day, but I couldn’t find the third book. I searched and searched. I couldn’t even find it in the card catalog. Yeah, I’m old. I not only know what one of these is, but I knew how to use them.

Yup, like this.

Finally, I ask the librarian. She says if they don’t have the book, they could probably get it from the even bigger library system in the city of Milwaukee. It would only take a week or so.

A week!!

To my elementary school brain, that was forever. But I really wanted the book. So, she went to look it up and see if Milwaukee had it.

She comes back, but she isn’t holding the library hold slip. My heart thumps. Then she asks if I’m sure the book exists.

With the indignation of a elementary school child, I show her the three titles on the back of the current book. She checks again, and after some time (during which my parents and little sister are getting antsier and antsier), the librarian comes back to tell me the book hasn’t been published yet. There’s no release date on it, so it’s at least a year or two off.


I was devastated. How could I leave these characters not know what happened to them? I loved them, I wanted them to get together and be happy.

I cried on the way home, further angering my parents.

About like this.

While I didn’t get it then, as a parent now, I totally understand their frustration. They did something to make me happy, something that was a pain for them, and it backfired. I was the exact opposite of happy.

Eventually, my tears dried, and being the precocious child I was, I wrote the author. I told her I loved her books and was wondering when the next one in the trilogy would be out as I had to know what happened next.

Kindly enough, she wrote me back and said she was still writing it. She also sent me an autographed hardcover(!) copy of another of her books, Birth of the Firebringer.

It was the 80s. Don’t judge.

We were very frugal, and hardcover books were not in the budget. I was beyond excited to actually have a hardcover book, all my own, signed by the author.

But I only read it once.

See, I’d already suffered the pain of not being able to complete a trilogy. So, the very first thing I did was check and see if there were more books in this series. There were. Not all of them were out.

So, I put it in the cupboard above my bed. And there is sat for years. Every once in a while I’d check to see if all of the books in the series were out. See if it was time to read them. I continued to look for the third book in the Dark Angel series.

Eventually, all of the Firebringer books were out. So was the Dark Angel book. But I was five years older. Five years for a kid is a really long time. I was now in junior high. Reading Terry Brooks, Shakespeare, and Victoria Holt. I’d outgrown these books.

I did finally read the last Dark Angel book and hated it. This is a spoiler, but it came out almost three decades ago, so I’m going to let slip that the trilogy didn’t have a happy ending. Victoria Holt had already spoiled me. I expected more.

I did read Firebringer, but I never bothered to even look for the other two books in the trilogy. I had already moved on.

But these lessons stuck with me. To this day, I will not read a series until it’s complete. I want to know I’m going to get an ending.


How about you? Do you love trilogies? Hate them? What was your first experience with one?


Bit the Bullet

Bit the bullet.

Yes, I bit the bullet and ordered myself a new computer. A laptop nonetheless.


I haven’t purchased a computer since before my oldest child was born. Even then, I bought it well over a year before she was born.

That means my computer is over six years old and is a dinosaur by modern standards.

Not quite this bad…
Well, almost a dinosaur.

When I bought my old computer, it was a state-of-the-art gaming monster. I hand-picked all of the components, and it owned in multi-player games.

Fast forward to now. My solid state drive is struggling because it’s not big enough. My other hard drive is plenty big, but that doesn’t much matter when you can’t upgrade to Windows 10 because there isn’t enough boot drive room.

I’ve also lost data lately. Once it was over 3k words of a novel I’d been working on.

Then, my cooling fan on my processor started acting up. Keeping a processor from overheating is critical. So, it’s time.

I started saving up for it, putting a little aside each pay period so we could pay cash for it.

But see, it’s still hard. I like to keep things until the absolute end of their useful life. Cars need to last at least ten years. Fifteen is decent, twenty preferable. We keep our appliances until they die (man, I love that goldenrod refrigerator in our basement. Older than me, and I’ve already had to replace the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove at least once since buying them new).

While I’m not a gamer much anymore (hi kids!), I do need a functioning computer. I use it to do our household bills, pictures of the kids, my writing, etc. I also use it when websites start hating on my iPad.

So, I spec’d out a new machine. I did my research on who makes quality stuff as I won’t be building it myself and knowing exactly what components are going into it.

Then I waited.

Stuff went on and off sale.

My husband started to fuss at me to buy the thing already. I needed a new computer. Once the processor fan went, I’d be really be living on borrowed time. Better to have time to transfer everything to a new machine.

Still I waited.

I put my spec’d computer into my cart. Looked at the specs again.

My husband walked by and caught me doing it. “How much do you have saved?”

I told him.

He looked at the cart. “What you have in there is less than $40 more than what you’ve saved.”

“Maybe next pay period.”

“I don’t care about $40. Press the buy button. Get the new one before that one goes. Then we’ll have time to transfer everything without being in panic mode.”

I hesitated.

He gave me ‘the look’. “Do you want to lose all the pictures of the kids you have on there?”

“I’ve backed all of those up.”

“I appreciate that you’re careful with money. But hit the damn buy button already.”

I did.


Should have my new baby in about two weeks.
How about you? Do you get nervous over larger purchases? Maybe wait too long to make them? Or do you know what you want and seize it?