Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, many of us in the United States will be sitting down to a meal with family and friends.

My family is known for making enough for food for three times our number.

Or, we’ll be snarfing it down and getting right on to the very important business of Black Friday bleeding into the holiday of thanks. Because, you know, those amazing consumer deals can’t wait, and they’re so good, the stores need more than one day to run them all. *sarcasm*


For anyone outside of the US, Thanksgiving is a day we in the US celebrate and give thanks, usually around a turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Pie then follows.

So, yeah, we give thanks by stuffing ourselves with food. Sounds about right.

Black Friday, however, is the day after Thanksgiving. This is said to be the busiest shopping day of the year. It isn’t. The Saturday before Christmas is (hello all you procrastinators out there!), but it’s still a huge day, and retailers will make 4-5% of their total profit for the year on Black Friday.

To get the foot traffic and corresponding sales, retailers offer seemingly ridiculous deals on stuff. Like 60 inch HD televisions for $199. Here’s the catch, though. There’s probably less than three of these televisions in each store. In the US, retailers can get away with that by noting that “quantities are limited”.  So, yeah.

Of course, many times those deeply discounted televisions or other items are specifically made for Black Friday so they may not be much of a deal if you factor in quality. There are a ton of online sources that tell you how to spot a real deal from a fake one. If you’re going to go through the Black Friday effort, I recommend you take a look.


If the never-ending Christmas creep, many retailers are now offering Black Friday deals all through November.

I’m not terribly tempted. I’m almost done shopping already, and I tried hard to support artists through Etsy again this year. I also know the good toys go early, and I don’t want to be chasing around on eBay to find the handful of things my girls want. My oldest daughter’s Christmas list was two items. Yeah, not messing with that!

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving full of family friends and food, and a productive Black Friday if you celebrate it.