Pretty Please?

America is the land of pet owners. Approximately 68% of American households own at least one, and many have more than one.

So, I get that you love and adore your dog. I love and adore my pets, too.

Seriously, I get it. How cute are they?!?

But I have to tell you, that slipping on frozen dog poo during my walk does not endear me to other pet owners.

Yes, I am walking on the sidewalks.

No, I am not traipsing down some country road and mistaking coyote droppings for dog poo.

As a matter of fact, I’m walking on company property up to a public sidewalk. A recent dusting of snow still covered the sidewalk, but the landscaping company has already cleared it off company property. Or most of it anyway.

I make note of the few areas still covered by snow and continue my walk. At which point I slip not once, but twice, on frozen dog poo hidden by the fresh snow.

Be careful what the pretty snow hides!


The curses that came out of my mouth would’ve made a sailor blush. I think I even invented a few new ones.

Grumbling a few choice words, I wiped my boots into the snow and finished my walk. Whereupon I noticed that the areas the landscaping company had shoveled also had doggy deposits. After talking to the head of maintenance, I learned poo removal was not in our contract with them, so they’d left it. Of course it wasn’t in the contract. We have no dogs.

We had to send a maintenance guy out to dispose of it so that the walkways would get cleared on the next snowfall.

Please, pretty please, if you have a dog, clean up after him. I understand dog poo bags are quite inexpensive, and all of us walking on the sidewalks would really appreciate it.

Seriously, 1,000 bags for $15. That’s gotta last most of a dog’s life.

Have you ever slipped on anything unusual? Please don’t tell me I’m alone on this.




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  1. I have two dogs. I have these baggies by every door in my house. Lots of booths at dog walks or dog fests give them away free. They have nifty containers that make carrying and using them even easier. They have leash clips on them.

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