Change Ahead

After blogging three times a week, every week, for almost two years now, there is some change coming. Nothing too drastic, I promise. And hopefully, nothing as messy as switching servers.

Should’ve known the server change was going to go about as well as finding a happy ending in Game of Thrones.

I’ve been reading up on marketing and branding, learning what I can without taking too much time from the writing itself. It’s a whole new world to me as I’ve long been buried in the hard numbers of a corporate desk jockey.

I like numbers. They are reasonable. Predictable. And after spending a little time with them, they make sense. I don’t feel the same way about marketing. At least, not yet.

In an attempt to make to at least try what the “experts” recommend, I will attempt those changes we talked about.

What are they? Well, the first thing you’ll notice in the new year is that I am going down to posting twice a week. Why? Because it gives me more time for better content, and, frankly, the numbers say not too many folks stop by for my Friday post. I get that. Especially in the summer months when there are fun things to do. Even errands are better in the summer.

Real footage of winter by me.

I’m learning as I go here, and one thing parenthood has taught me is that books, even by “experts”, can be wrong. So very, very wrong. And contradictory.

So, if I royally mess this up. Please tell me.

If there’s something you miss, please tell me.

If there’s something you never want to see again, say man eating spiders, *eyes Jason over at Athereal Engineer* please tell me that as well.

If there’s something you’d like to see more of, please tell me. Unless, of course, that’s spiders.





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7 thoughts on “Change Ahead

  1. Oh, I’ll never live that spider down, will I Elizabeth? 😉

    We’re actually joined in bit of serendipitous thought today, as this afternoon I’ll be announcing some changes to my own blog spurred by reasoning very much like your own. So it was both odd and comforting to read of your struggles with the same thing I’ve been dealing with on the same day we’ve both decided to take action independently.

  2. I totally agree re weekend posts – and Fridays are really the start of the weekend so…unless something really can’t wait, I won’t post on ‘weekends’. Good luck with the marketing. I’m terrible at it myself so the only thing I’ll say is to enjoy whatever it is you decide to do. Once social media becomes a ‘chore’, people notice.

      1. -shrug- write about the things that interest you. That way the people who come will be on your wavelength. Whether that translates to ‘promotion’ or ‘sales’ I truly don’t know but at least you’ll have fun. 🙂

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