And Another…

Order from Scholastic Book Club.

Yes, my daughter came home the other day with yet another Scholastic Book Order. These things seem to be quite prolific.

If you’re not familiar with them, this is a pamphlet of books your child gets through school. You can then order your kids books, sometimes at a discount, and the school gets some free books in return.

It’s a win all around. Or, it’s supposed to be.

My house is filled with books. Book shelves are overflowing. Book bins are so stuffed, they are too heavy for DD1 to slide back into place.

Mountains of books.

Looks about like my daughter’s room. Or my living room some days.


So, I inwardly groan when she brings home another book order with half the books circled. Okay, maybe not half, but darn near.

Does she really need more books? Shouldn’t all the ones we have at home be okay?

I mentioned my daughter wanting so many books during water cooler talk at work, and the other parents told me to be happy.

One mom had to force her kid to sit down and read for half an hour a night. Her son hated reading, and it was a battle that she dreaded. He’d actually take most punishments over being forced to read, but she didn’t want him to see reading as a bad thing to be endured, either.

Another mom told me to encourage DD1’s of reading any way I could. It would help her in everything. Her daughter had struggled with reading, and despite tutors and extra help at school, it had taken her to eighth grade to read at grade level.

I felt a little sheepish.

Of course my daughter reading is an excellent thing. I do promote it. And they’re right. I should rejoice when the book order comes home and she’s so excited to read she wants “them all”. The fact that my pre-kindergartner is reading Fancy Nancy by herself is a source of pride. I even let her stay up a little later on nights we open up a new books so she can pour through what we read together and learn the new words in it.

It was a reminder to count my blessings. Sometimes, the glass is half full. And yes, I am going to let her have the books she wants. Most of them, anyway.



How about you? Did your kids love the Scholastic Book Club? How did you feel when the order form came home? Did your kids love to read? Hate to read?

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7 thoughts on “And Another…

  1. When I was a kid I loved Scholastic Book Club. But my mom was a struggling single mother so maybe I might get one book out of four I wanted. Or I used my gift money(birthday, Christmas, etc) for books, which might not be a bad thing. “You can have the books you can pay for.” But I know I was always bummed when other kids got books and I didn’t. So, yeah. One book.

    1. I totally understand. My parents were together for most of my life, and we still struggled financially. My dad worked a second job and my mom took all the overtime she could get. I knew as a kid we couldn’t afford the books, so I never asked for them. Kinda tuned the whole thing out.

      One of the reasons we had kids later in life (other than not having met each other until our late 20s) was to more firmly establish careers so things like this are not a big deal financially.

    1. It’s like your my brother from another mother! 😛 Aside from the politics, but it’d make reunions that much more fun once we crack the whiskey bottles open!! LOL!!!

      1. I have a number of such brothers. We enjoy one another’s company despite political and philosophical differences. Beer helps. I’ve backed off whiskey in my later years, as I’m not as forgiving when I’m imbibing it. Cheers, mate

  2. Yes, I know and dread those money pits….. I mean the Scholastic Book Club. And yes, we own too many books, and our kids are just as addicted!! But hey, at least our boys love reading!

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