Still Trying to Decide

On a pen name, that is.

I know, a lot has been written on using your real name.

I thought about this long and hard. I am a finance professional by day and have been looking to move to an officer-of-the-company type position. If I get Googled, I would prefer not to have an author page the first thing a prospective employer sees about me.

So, I considered Elizabeth Hunter. It was a name I toyed back in my college days of writing. Except, that name is also taken, and she also happens to be a romance writer *eye roll*.

I thought about Elizabeth Abbott. Turns out there is a writer by that name, but she specializes in history.

I considered Elizabeth York, Elizabeth Darren, and Elizabeth Stevens.

Then I thought about what I write. Romance with lots of high fantasy including knights, wizards and elves. Dark gods and, of course, dragons.

So, contemplating Elizabeth Drake. I haven’t seen another writer with that name, much less a romance writer.

Even thought about this as a symbol instead of the red rose.


What do you think? Or maybe I’m just over-thinking an employer Googling me?

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7 thoughts on “Still Trying to Decide

  1. I think it can be sensible to separate the different areas of your life online by using an alternative name. It gives you that element of control and choice of how you present yourself to the world. I like the sound of Elizabeth Drake. The dragon logo is a good one too!

  2. Internal pen name debates are the worst! I have essentially finished my first fantasy book but I’m also working on a completely different romance book. I wanted to have them under the same name but I think I’ve settled on two slightly similar variations.

    I do agree though! Elizabeth Drake does sound cool 🙂

  3. I like the bewitching names (Elizabeth Bombay?), but Elizabeth Drake…hmmm, has a mysterious quality. Drake, Liz Drake, Liza Drake, Beth Drake, “Presenting Elizabeth Drake.” Yes, nice to meet you Elizabeth Drake!

  4. I decided to go with my real name, as you know–but sometimes I still second guess myself. And I don’t have the same career issue, so I definitely understand where you’re coming from! Meanwhile, I agree with all of the above: lovely pen name, awesome logo.

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