People Trap

My oldest daughter has been angling for a trip to Disney World for a year. I have no idea who told her about the place. I know it wasn’t me.


I have family that lives in Florida, and they have given us an open invitation to come down and stay with them. They live on the other side of the peninsula from Disney World, but we could stay with them a few days, go to Disney a few days, etc.

Combine that with winter in the frozen tundra of the rust belt, and it sounds appealing.


There are numerous large water parks a few hours from where we live. So, we decided to take the kids to one for a couple of days. It seemed like a nice trial run for a longer vacation.

It was not fun. With two kids, it was nothing but work the entire time we were there, and I couldn’t wait to come home. Strengthened my resolve that we will NOT be going to Florida or Disney World for at least several years.

Though the vacation wasn’t relaxing, the people-watching was interesting. I was quite surprised how many people have tattoos. I know, I know, it’s the thing these days, but I was still surprised.

More than that, I was surprised at what some of them were. If I was going to permanently ink something onto my body, it would need to be important. Perhaps my children’s birth dates or something equally as meaningful to me. Something I will care about as much when I’m 75 as I do now because I’ll still have the tattoo.

Something to make me overcome my hatred of pain to get the tattoo.

I tried not to pay too much attention to people’s ink, but I couldn’t help but notice a woman’s as we both took our toddlers through the toddler area. It said “Wine O’clock” with the picture of a clock underneath it. She must really like wine.

Other than that, my first time at an indoor water park was an experience. I was astounded at the strangeness of being in a building heated to 84 degrees as snow piled outside. It was odd to be swimming in a faux summer sun at six at night as they kept the building well-lighted into the evening as it gets dark early here. I watched in a certain amazement as a tub holding 1,000 gallons of water spilled every 3 minutes.

I get that the water is recycled throughout the park. But it still shocked me how much once-fresh water was being filled with chlorine and used at the park. Perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed this, except for the episode of Sesame Street my toddler watched one of the nights we were there that showed an African child getting ready for school. The child’s whole family had a single regular-sized bucket of water that was used to wash their hands, feet, and brush their teeth.

You think this waste of water would’ve occurred to me before the vacation.

So, I did a little researching. Turns out water parks, particularly indoor ones, aren’t that big of water consumers.  Yes, it takes a lot of water to set-up the park, but they’re not as big of hogs as I thought.

My conscious is assuaged.

This, however, will not bring me flying back to one any time in the near future. Especially as it seems I caught another cold while there. Eighty-four degrees must be germ heaven in February.
How about you? Ever been to a water park? Ever taken children on an airplane? Ever been to Disney World with kids? How did it go? Would you do it again?

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