Down a Rabbit Hole

There are many, many rabbit holes on the internet, and you don’t always know you’re about to go down one when you start your research. Kind of like Alice. I’m guessing she had no idea that following the white rabbit would lead her where it did.


I’ve seen some chatter recently on the power of positive thinking. On engaging the subconscious to make it work for you whether you’re sleeping, working, or watching reruns of Sherlock to catch-up. So, I decided to do a little digging.

It got creepy fast.

I was surprised how much was out there about it, and how little was from sources I’d consider reliable. No scientific papers. No news outlets. Nothing I recognized.

You  know you’re down the rabbit hole when you’ve moved past the first page of Google and still don’t see what you’re researching.

So, I’m left with the bits and pieces I’ve been willing to read from various sources of dubious credibility. Which, frankly, wasn’t much. Partially because I’m not looking to contract a new computer virus, but mostly because I have enough crazy in my life.

Still, their general message was pretty much the same.

According to less-than-credible sources, your subconscious can’t tell the difference between the truth and a lie. If you lie to it, telling it something you want to be true but that isn’t, your subconscious will work to make it true. It’ll work on this all the time. The subconscious never really stops, so once you’ve engaged it, your subconscious will work to help you achieve your dreams even while you’re sleeping, commuting, doing whatever else your conscious mind needs to do.

Sounds too good to be true. So, it probably is.

The other general theme was that very little of our brain is actually focused on our consciousness. As shown by the graphic below:


But, I could find NO scientific evidence of this. And, of course, the sea of universal consciousness being referenced repeatedly made me narrow my eyes.

So, I looked up this sea on Wikipedia as I no longer trusted where Google would take me.

And this is what Wikipedia had to say:


Fringe theories, indeed.

Still, as wacky as a lot of my “research” was, I’ve decided to try a very watered down version of what’s out there. That watered down version says to write down what you want to have happen and let your subconscious take over and help you make it happen.

I wrote down:

I am a New York Time’s best-selling author

    I am a USA Today best-selling author.


Okay subconscious, do your stuff.

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8 thoughts on “Down a Rabbit Hole

  1. This all seems like off kilter takes on real science. Like cognitive dissonance plus your brain making decisions subconsciously and then you work to justify them. There are several other cognitive biases that come into play that can help all this twist around.

    But that would result in you going well I never really wanted to be a best seller anyway huff huff! I’ll find you some science on some of those pieces if I remember when I get the internet back.

    But this kind of thing leads to victim blaming bullshit. Got cancer? Must not have wished hard enough. Very poor? It’s not racism, classism, or deeply entrenched messed up values from people in power and all around you. You just didn’t wish hard enough.


    1. I was actually researching cognitive bias for a blog post coming out in a few weeks (yes, I write them early, so if the well dries up, I have a buffer 🙂 )

      Cognitive Bias is VERY real and has lots of downside. It’s a true issue with things like news (teaser on the post), and makes it difficult for people to ever even see that there is a legitimate “other” side to issues.

      This was far less science-y. I could find a lot on it, but nothing I considered reputable. Still, if my sub conscious wants to help make me best-selling author, I’ll let it 🙂

      1. I try to buffer. It usually I’m lucky if I get a few days on most things. The podcast I’m often months out on, but the others less so.

        I totally agree with you about this being pseudoscience! I just know that they’ve based it on a vague misunderstanding of how the science around it works. Like your brain is bad at memory. And biases and all the rest. Take a little misunderstanding of the science add in a lot of wishing…

        You still need to fight to make time and fight to not get distracted and all the rest. One of the problems with magical thinking (aside from victim blaming) is stopping work on it.

  2. Fascinating. Isn’t this the essential theory behind The Secret, or Florence Scovel Shinn and the New Thought movement, with ‘subconscious’ substituted for God, prayer, and the Universe?

    Most importantly, watch out for killer rabbits when you head down the rabbit hole. Ensure you have a royal hand grenade and you know how to count.


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