Another Elizabeth Rose

Not even sure why I did it, but I looked up my name writer’s name today on Google.


I learned that there is another Elizabeth Rose. She is also a writer. A Romance writer. Not a household name, but she has over 55 books currently published.

I am not entirely sure what I’m going to do.

I don’t have a book published yet. Not even ready to query yet as I still have a final revision or two to do on it.

Elizabeth in my name, and I chose Elizabeth Rose in honor of my mother’s family.

I could go to my married name or my maiden name, I suppose, but after two years of thinking of my writing self as Elizabeth Rose, it’s going to be difficult.

I suppose I should’ve researched the pseudonym a little before taking it, but it’s one I’ve honestly been thinking about for almost twenty years.

Guess I’ll have to think a little more on this!


What are your thoughts? If you found out another author had “your” name, would you change it? Run with it? Something else?

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7 thoughts on “Another Elizabeth Rose

  1. I’d change it. It’s a hard thing though and understandable why you wouldn’t want to. There is a lot of good stuff out there about pseudonyms worth reading. People having trouble finding you later, people mistaking you etc.

    Good luck.

  2. I searched for you months ago and came across the other E.R. I just forgot to mention it to you. Sounds like your situation is further compounded that that E.R writes romance.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think adding writer or author to E.R. will help with the book publishing/promotion but works for facebook, twitter, social media. Publish under a pen name? That has drawbacks also.
    Sorry but I think a change now would be the best in the long run as you finish the WIP and seek to publish.

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