Where's the Obsession?

I finished up my revision over two weeks ago. Normally, I’d be plunging ahead into my next project, flush with the excitement of something new.

Except this time, the creativity isn’t coming.

You and me both.
Reminds me of the song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone by Paula Cole, just replace Cowboys in the song with inspiration. Interesting that I’ve never been a big fan of the song. Kept trying to figure out why the singer needed a cowboy rather than making her own happily-ever-after if she wasn’t finding it from her partner. I listen to lyrics too closely, sometimes.

Still, I have several characters floating around in my head, but none of them are really meshing with a solid story or a love interest. I write Romance, so the love interest is critical.

Not sure what’s causing this. Perhaps I’m trying too hard. Or not hard enough. Or I’m feeling burned out with the book I wrote, the other I revised, and having a full time job.

Or, perhaps, I’m having a bit of a book hangover.


I spent a lot of time with the last set of characters. Really working hard to put them on the page and bring them to life.

Normally, the way I deal with loss is move right into the next story. But it’s not working this time. The first few weeks of writing a new story is what carries me through. The excitement. The freshness of the project. The need to get the swirling maelstrom in my head onto paper.

I normally love starting a new project. The time to create. To make something out of nothing.

So far, no fabulous ideas begging to be put on paper have usurped my every waking moment. I tried reading a couple of novels for inspiration, but I couldn’t get into them either.

Not sure what’s creating this sudden lack of creativity, but it can go ahead and be on its way now. I’m ready for my next obsession.



How about you? Ever have your creativity suddenly dry up or just lose interest in something? What did you do to rekindle the spark?

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3 thoughts on “Where's the Obsession?

  1. This has happened to me, too. I suffered from a creativity void for at least a month after I finished writing my first book. I knew I was supposed to be writing my next story already because that’s what we writer’s do, right? So I tried forcing it, I tried reading for inspiration, I tried exercising to clear my head. No use. I was starting to panic and think I’d never find my writing obsession again. A book hangover is a great term for it, I think I was still living and breathing my old characters and couldn’t move on. Luckily it eased over time, and after that month I started feeling like I could fall in love with new characters. I also discovered that browsing online galleries for premade ebook covers is great for inspiration. I love looking at beautiful cover images and imagining what kind of stories could go together with them. I actually got the spark for my current WIP from sexy ebook cover.

    Don’t stress! I’m sure you’ll rediscover your obsession, I think your muse just needs a short break. 🙂

  2. I like a palate-cleansing short when I’m feeling hungover.

    I also consume the heck out of things that inspire me (podcasts and audiobooks while walking is supreme for me because of COURSE I get the good ideas while I’m out for a walk and have to suddenly stop and type in notes to myself on the phone). I really like stories along the lines of Mysterious Universe or the like with sorts of crazy stories that then spark sci-fi or fantasy ideas. What about like some true romance stories? Reading old love letters? How they met stories?
    (Doesn’t always work, but those do sometimes work.)

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