Talking Turnip

It’s January.

It’s cold. It’s dark. Did I mention cold?

Why did I move to the frozen tundra again?


You’d think I’d have lots of time for writing, but being stuck inside with two small children during these dark and cold days is not conducive for writing, revising, or anything resembling creativity. Unless your definition of creativity is running out of ways to burn their energy, giving in, and letting them watch more TV.

I cannot tell you how painful children’s shows are to the grown-up brain. Worse yet, is when my husband and I look at each other and then try to come up with a logical reason for anything in the show.


At one point, we’re watching the Octonauts, and my husband makes a comment that they aren’t properly classifying some creature. They have the wrong phyla, and the creatures in the story are not actually closely related.

At which point I look at him, and ask him if that’s his biggest issue with a show that features a walking, talking turnip and a polar bear “captain” that doesn’t eat the penguin, sea otter, or rabbit on his ship.

Yeah, too much kids’ shows.

How do you get through these brutally cold, dark months? Any kids’ shows out there that don’t make your brain want to explode?

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4 thoughts on “Talking Turnip

  1. I mean you are expecting a kids cartoon to be a documentary? Or you’re hopeful that it will draw you in past the need for forgiveness?

    I try to leave home and get into the 17 minutes of sun during the weekend days.

    1. With Netflix, cartoons are an anytime thing.

      Octonauts basically teaches kids about a new sea creature each episode. I’ve learned a few things watching, like what a siphonophore is. But a documentary it isn’t!

  2. Depending on their ages, The “Young Justice” cartoon Netflix has is really, really, good.

    I think they have all of the old Justice League episodes too. Good stuff. Both have typical cartoon/superhero violence but manage to be written on “two levels,” if you know what I mean.

    Netflix also has Animaniacs, which is appealing to anyone that grew up with the old Warner Bros’ cartoons.

  3. LMFAO!!! This was so us this weekend!!! And yeah, I wondered at the polar bear not eating the others. Ant where are their suits? A bubble helmet wont cut it… but my youngest loves it, wants to BE an octonaut some day.

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