Time Thief: The Common Cold

Yeah, I’m kinda a baby about being sick.

Being sick sucks.

Combine the common cold with one of the busiest, most hectic times of the year for me at my day-job, and you have a recipe for a cantankerous person. A cantankerous person with no energy or will to get off the sofa much less write.

I can really see no upside to being sick. You ache. Your ears itch and burn. Your throat feels like you used sandpaper on it. Your back hurts from coughing and sneezing. And your whole face feels like it’s stuffed with so much cotton that you should be sneezing it instead.

Things you took for granted, you now have to think about. Like breathing. Especially breathing.

Doing any task, even small ones, suddenly seems overwhelming. Like getting up to make that third cup of honey-infused tea that people promise will make you feel better. (Hint: they’re lying.) Or going to the bathroom after that third cup of honey-infused tea.

I totally know where I got it from. The “heroes” at work that came in sick because we couldn’t possibly function a couple of days while they kept their germs at home, rested, and got better.



Of course, once the VP of Engineering and the VP of Sales come to work with the Martian Death Flu, or whatever is going around, we’re all expected to suck it up and come.

So of course I did.

Taking medicine rarely helps me. I replace the aches and misery with a lesser form of it, but then I get fuzzy-brained, easily confused, and forgetful.

Concentration is hard with a cold, even if I am taking over-the-counter medicine that still requires me to show three forms of ID, and that makes my day-job very difficult. I’m supposed to be analyzing things and piecing together a coherent picture from disparate data. With a cold, I’m lucky if I can figure out how to piece together a sandwich.

Writing has come to an abrupt halt. Not sure if I should keep poking at it, or just accept I’m sick and leave it alone.

I want to say that anything I do write won’t be worth the electrons spent on it. But that’s not entirely true. It’s just that much harder. And with everything else going on, maybe I’m just going to cut myself some slack, rest and get better.

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