New Year's Resolutions

Another New Year’s Resolution post!


Except, I’m going to be honest with you. My three resolutions are continuations of resolutions I made some time ago. This is really just a reiteration and confirmation of what I’ve been doing.

January is an exceptionally busy month where I work. Not as bad as the end of November and into December, but it’s still year end close and all the tax work is due. That means this is one of the worst times of the year to make changes to my life, and I rely a great deal on routine to get me through it.

So, I start implementing my resolutions early. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was planner. Which is why I can’t figure out why I’m such a pantser when it comes to writing.



My Three Resolutions:

  1. Write at least an hour a day. That can mean query letters, editing, blogging. Something in the craft to get me closer to my goal. I’ve been mostly doing this, but I want to keep up the momentum.
  2. Eat food before it goes bad. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Our refrigerator is a black hole, and too often stuff goes in and I don’t find it until it’s sporting a mold colony. By eating what we buy, it saves us money and reduces our environmental footprint.
  3. Figure out how to get movement in despite the frozen winter. Going to the gym is a joke with two small children, a full time job, and a spouse. But I love going for walks spring through fall. Unfortunately, winter feels like it’s six months long here, and then my instinct to hibernate kicks in, especially when it’s dark both on my way to work and on my way home from work. I’ve been trying to fight this for the past month, and I’ve failed spectacularly. As I said, now might not be the best time to try to start a new habit, but there has to be ways I can get movement in that doesn’t rely on going outside.


How about you? What are your resolutions? Have you started on them? Do you think you’re likely to keep them?

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7 thoughts on “New Year's Resolutions

  1. These are great goals. Snow shoes and warm skin? I ski in winter, though this winter I’ve only gotten out twice. Last winter was worse, not at all. I have to give up and put on shoes and go for a walk. 🙁

    An hour a day is substantial so go you! That’s an awesome goal.

    And yes, I’m a little surprised you’re not more of a planner. But then I’m also surprised I’m not more able to stick to my plans. Even when I make them I throw them away. Maybe it is different with writing? Though having a plan helps even when I throw it away.

    1. Yes. Or you can give everyone glow sticks to wave around. Seriously though, Warm Skin is magic magic. It makes it ok to go out like 20 degrees colder than you usually would. (I’m sure there are other brands, but I’m still working off the container my mom gave me a few years ago, a little goes a long way, especially if you only use it when it is cold cold.)

  2. Ordered Warm Skin also. I coach soccer and our spring season has some cold games. Also walking the dogs in the snow will be a good test.
    I like the writing resolution. I haven’t settled on any yet.

  3. My biggest resolutions are to gain some more balance and to study more about the business side of being an author. I’m a tremendously dedicated individual. I’m super focused, and this causes me to occasionally miss out on some things. I’d like to work on that.

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