Halloween for the Craft Impaired

I was a child of the 80s with uncrafty parents. My costumes looked much like the ones below:


I didn’t care as all the other kids had similar costumes, so we all felt pretty cool despite being swathed in cheap plastic. My father-in-law, however, was an art teacher. Not only did he get the “crafty” gene, he got the artist crafty gene. While I may think of myself as an artist through my writing, my father-in-law is the making stuff artist. My husband’s looked more like the little girl’s below:

This is totally DD2

Now, I have children of my own. And the 80s costumes have been replaced with stuff I’d never have imagined you could buy at a store. And, of course, my crafty gene hasn’t exactly kicked in. So, when my daughter announced she wanted to be vampire Sleeping Beauty, well, me and the Disney StoreDisney Store had a solution to that:



And some vampire fangs, a crown, and score!  While Disney Store prices aren’t exactly reasonable most of the year, they’ve been running sales that suddenly bring them close enough to Target pricing that I’ll spring for it. However, the matching crown looked nothing what like Sleeping Beauty wore in the movie, and my daughter was quick to point out sleeping beauty definitely didn’t wear a crown with her picture on it.

Of course she didn’t. And, of course they have no other crowns avaialble.

So, I figure I’ll pick one up somewhere else, no big deal. I mean, it’s not like this is some little-known character or anything.

Except, the crown is basically the same everywhere. No one has a crown that looks like Sleeping Beauty’s. Because of course they don’t.

After checking the internet, lots of moms talk about making the crown.


So not my cup of tea, but amazing what you’ll do for your kid. So, after talking to a crafty co-worker, I sent myself down to the craft store. I eventually found shiny gold tag board. I mean shiny. I found a Sleeping Beauty crown pattern on the internet (what did parents do before the internet?!?). I figured I’d trace the pattern, cut it out, punch a hole on either side so I can hold it onto her head with bobby pins.

What I imagined, because, Pinterest gives such high hopes:


What I got:



And yes, that is, indeed, duct tape holding it together. After I got the crown bit cut out, I had do idea how to put it on her head. DH went out and got her a headband and duct taped the crown to it. So not what a crafty mom would do, but at least DD will wear it.

Not a total loss.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween for the Craft Impaired

  1. I think the headband is a good idea.

    That crown is far better than I ever could have done. What’s the arts and crafts equivalent of “can’t boil water?” “Can’t string popcorn?” “Can’t glue a tongue depressor to a paper plate?” That’s me.

    1. DH is far mor practical in these things. I wanted the crown to look so much like the picture, where he’s like “duct tape’ll fix this.” And yeah, why do they put us through these arts and crafts things? I

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