Game of Thrones Coward

There. I admitted it.

While I follow Game of Thrones, I’ve never actually seen an episode.

I know, I know, but here’s the deal. I’m a coward.


When GoT first came out, I was super excited. I was trying to figure out how to get to see it even though we don’t have cable when a couple of close friends took me aside. See, they know me pretty well, and they’d read the books.

They proceeded to tell me some of the plot, the horrible things that happen to some of the characters, and to bring it all home, they told me about the Red Wedding. At the time, they didn’t think HBO would actually show a lot of what was in the books (boy were they wrong!), but they wanted to warn me about what was in it.


Just that conversation gave me nightmares.

I don’t wish to see graphic violence, murder, death, rape, incest or gore. Among other things. I’m even less interested in the weeks of nightmares I have after seeing them.

I get that some people like to be afraid, but I can’t even sit through cheesy horror flicks from the 80s. Sure, everyone in it is too stupid to live and Darwin demands his due, but I just can’t handle it. I’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs. I made myself sit through Aliens in the theater to impress my boyfriend. I paid for it with weeks of nightmares.

I can’t even read scary stuff. I know Stephen King is an amazing author, but after reading Salem’s Lot, I kept peaking at my curtains for far too many weeks to make sure nothing was looking back at me. (No idea what I’d have done if a neighborhood cat would’ve looked in my window at the wrong time.)

And yet, I’m drawn to Game of Thrones. I eagerly await the day after the airing of a new episode to find out what happened.

I’ve learned to be careful. Sometimes just hearing about what happened from a gifted storyteller can trigger my over-active imagination.

So I “watch” from the sidelines. Enjoy the sumptuous costumes, the incredible story line, and the amazing characters at a distance.

And yes, I was very happy when Ramsey Bolton got what was coming to him. Karma also demands its due. I’m interested to see what Sansa does now, and I don’t want to love Lyanna because I don’t want her to die…



How about you? Anything you’ve ever been interested in but too afraid to watch? Maybe too embarrassed? Did you watch anyway? Hang out on the sidelines? Or just move on?

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6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Coward

  1. This is a big bugbear for me too – I also hate graphic stuff. I saw some of the first series, read a little and fell in love with what I’d seen and read…so I bought the first and second series but in the end I had to switch off and now I just feel sick ; wanting to know what happens but too scared to read or watch any more. So I don’t think you’re a coward at all. Johnathan Saffron-Foer says we should question why we watch/ read graphic details of violence etc because everything has happened to ‘somebody’ and if we are just watching for ‘shock value’ or curiosity is that a good enough reason?

    1. I had never thought about that. Why do we watch such graphic violence? I know I don’t. I just can’t. It “gets” to me too much, and it has only gotten worse with age. I bothered me a lot as a kid, but it bothers me even more now that I’ve got two small children of my own!

      1. I was talking to another Mum yesterday and we had this same conversation! I really think having kids makes you more sensitive to things like that. Roller coasters too, apparently!

  2. I’ve read a lot of stuff about why people like horror because I don’t. Some of the things people have to say about it are really interesting. Like a lot of it is about that same little rush of adrenaline people get from jumping off cliffs, in a safe way. You get that hit of adrenaline but you get to close the book or walk out of the movie theater. Ok I guess. (I’m not an adrenaline junkie either, maybe that’s why I’m not a fan.)

    I really loved the Writing Excuses episodes about horror though.

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