Ever Just Stop?

Have you ever been reading a book, watching a movie, or checking out the latest TV craze on Netflix and you just turn it off and walk away?


I have to confess, I just did this to a book recently. After a long spell of reading Regency Romance novels, I just couldn’t take another tired trope. There’s nothing wrong with the book per se, it’s just me.

The hero is a classist jerk who hates the poor. Until, of course, he meets the heroine. Lust has him changing his mind. No idea how he could actually fall in love with her in a day. But their “love” is thwarted by the gang she ran with before it was discovered she’s got an “in” with this earl. *eye roll*

I have no idea why this gang would risk an earl’s wrath over an expendable member, especially as it’s been established the gang leader has beaten members to death and has no use for females anyway.

But, whatever. The gang leader and some of his ruffians break into a duke’s ball, threaten the heroine, and smack her around to the point she has obvious bruises. *eye roll* No one notices? In the duke’s estate, in a posh part of London crawling with guests and footmen? Really?

If he’s this “sneaky,” why not rob the duke’s place rather than try to make her help him go after the earl?

The hero agrees to help her pull off some convoluted plot to take out said gang leader rather than just:

  1. Hire someone to do it. Or
  2. Retire out to his massive country estate that no poor Londoner, gang leader or not, could ever hope to reach. Much less reach without everyone in the tri-county area knowing about it.

I put the book down two weeks ago and still haven’t picked it back up. Maybe I will and skim my way to the end. Maybe I won’t.

This is new ground for me as usually I finish books no matter how horrible they are.

Funny thing on this is that there isn’t anything really wrong with the book. It’s your typical Regency fare. No better, no worse than most.

TV shows are a different thing. I’ve stopped watching almost every show I’ve ever followed before the show was done. But then American studios are known for making shows long after they should’ve ended them.


I write Romance, but perhaps I need to change genres and read something else for a while. I like fantasy when I can find it with engaging female characters. Same with Space Opera. It’s just hard because I have so few authors I trust. You know, authors that are going to give me the happy ending I want.

And I don’t like scary stories.

I may be weird, but when it comes to violence I prefer PG over the standard R fare. When it comes to consensual steamy scenes, I’m a whole lot less reserved.  I wish I could take more scary things, but I can’t. And that’s unlikely to change.


How about you? Ever just walk away from a book, movie, or show? Why or why not?

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8 thoughts on “Ever Just Stop?

  1. Yes. I’ll stop reading or watching. It happened recently with the television show Bull, which halfway through, seemed that the title really did match the show. There are other books too. I just stop reading. Mostly it has to do if my suspension of disbelief gets ripped apart. When it does, its “see ‘ya.”

    1. I think you might be right. The author pushed too hard, I walked intot he book willing to suspend disbelief, but too much suspension was required. Might just be this book, or it might’ve built up after reading one too many Regency novels.

  2. When that happens to me I try to shift the kind of input. So no more fiction it’s onto to scientific books. No more tv shows about whatever, something very different. Though I find myself returning over and over to the same few things as palate cleansers. Not recommended for others, but good for me.

  3. I never used to stop with books, then I read something that was such drivel I am now fine to stop mid way through a book. Movies I was always harsher with and if it was just rubbish I wouldn’t bother to push through to see if it got better.

    I’ve had a time where I had a run of books that were just tripe. In those times I revert back to books I’ve read and loved and then when I feel better I am able to go back and try some new book without thinking it is going to be awful

  4. I read a lot of comics. A LOT.

    Like many genres, there are a lot of good comics, a few great ones, and a truckload of junk. This is especially true of titles that started in the 60s. Or 50s. Or even the 30s. A 2 or 3 year run by a great author with one or more great artists is often followed by years of mediocrity or outright hackery.

    I used to be a completist. If I was going to read something, I was going to read all of it, dammit. of course, have a long commute where doing my own writing is almost impossible, I have a lot of time to read.

    But I’ve become a bit more critical lately and will stop in the middle of a book and move on.

    1. I am with you. I always felt like I had to complete it. I started it, didn’t? Turns out what is true of term papers and work projects is not true of books, movies or TV series.

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