My Little Rebellion

DD1 has gymnastics class. It’s “only” 45 minutes long and less than 10 minutes away from our house. So, while I could drop her off and come, I’d be home less than 20 minutes before going back to get her. Because of this, most parents just hang out in the hallway and play on their phones.

I followed these unwritten rules for a few weeks, but the dark hallway, hard chairs, and beckoning sunshine fueled my little rebellion. So, I left DD1 happily enjoying her class, and rather than parking myself on a bench designed for discomfort, I took a stroll outside.

It turns out a 52 mile state trail ends very close to the gymnastics building. So, I set my ¬†watch, knowing I’d have to turn around after walking 20 minutes or less so I’d be there before the kids got out of class and started walking.

As I turned onto the wooded part of the path, I paused and wondered if I should forgo the path for the sidewalk which would eventually take me past the sewage treatment plant. Yeah, I know, doesn’t seem like much of a decision, but I was slightly concerned about walking alone.

However, it was daylight, the trail is very well-traveled, and the “woods” is really only 15 feet or so of trees on either side as it runs right through our city. I was in a rebellious mood, so I took it.

I’m glad I rebelled.

The path was beautiful, and the time alone let me think through an issue I was having with my current story.

Actual shot of the actual path

As I walked, I realized I was taking things in the story too fast, racing forward with the plot and action scene after not letting the chapters connect. The time really let me think more about my characters, what was going on between them, and how they would feel about the events transpiring. More than that, it also let me get to know the characters a little better, make them feel a little more alive to me.

One of the lovely views from the path

When I got back to the gymnastics class, I was feeling pretty good after my walk, and I had another little rebellion. I broke the silence of the hallway. I know, I know, I actually talked to another of the parents. And she talked back!

The kids came out of class a few minutes later, I hugged DD1 and happily listened to her recount her adventures in class as we drove home.


Ever have a little rebellion of your own? What was it? Do you have to take your kids to activities, and if so, what do you do to pass the time? Do you find time for yourself? How and what do you do with it?

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