Book Review: It Takes Two to Tangle


Title: It Takes Two to Tangle

Author: Theresa Romain



You know those hero qualities I told you about that I don’t like?  And what it takes to make me dislike the heroine? And when I mentioned that I actually like for there to be a plot?

This book manages to strike out on all three counts. I did give it two stars because at least the writing was decent, the meager plot didn’t fill me with rage, and I didn’t want the author to invent creative ways to kill the characters.



Let’s start with the hero. If ever there was a brooding character, this is the one. He buys an officer’s commission, his brother’s connections get him to the rank of captain. He ends up coming home physically and mentally broken after the war. And all he wants is the most beautiful, vivacious woman in the ton so he can resume his place. . . Um, yeah.

He comes out of it, sort of, by the end. I should’ve listened to the reviewers who warned me about the hero.

The heroine wasn’t much better. The heroine is prone to making bad decisions. She made lots of poor choices in her youth, and she doesn’t seem to have learned from them as she blatantly states in the book that she’s willing do it all over again for the hero “for love”. I have a hard time feeling much for her. She could’ve been Cyrano D’Bergerac. But wasn’t. Not even close.



The plot is slim at best. The hero wants the most desirable lady in the ton, who happens to have the heroine as a companion. Through some mistaken assumptions, that could’ve been resolved with a 30 second conversation, we have the plot of the story. It’s a sit-com plot thrown into novel length.

I suppose there’s something of a character arc for the hero as he feels less entitled at the end than he did at the beginning, and he’s accepting his change in circumstances. Not enough to make me like him, and I never came close to liking the heroine.

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