What Do I Want Out of Writing

I plan on thinking through the heroes I like and dislike and giving them a bit of a write-up, but first, I wanted to take some time to explore a question Mariah Avix asked me a little while ago.

What do I want out of my writing?

As I think through this, there’s the dream you have much like when I was a kid playing tennis and dreaming I’d be the next Billie Jean King. So, sure, I dream about being the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. It’s the pinnacle of the profession.


But what do I want?

I wish I could say: to be a good writer and recognized as such. But that’s not entirely true. I want more than that. I want people I don’t know to read what I’ve written, enjoy it, and want to read another story written by me.

I don’t ever expect writing to pay the bills like my day job does. After all, I picked my profession partially because I was good at it and partially because it keeps a roof over our heads. But I want my writing to pay the bills and more. I want to get to spend my days dreaming up characters, worlds, and stories.

But that’s only a half-truth, too.

I like the analytical aspect of my day job. I enjoy being handed a problem and digging into it, scraping together the numbers and making them dance. Finding a solution in the data, or at least an answer.

The truth is somewhere in between.

I want writing to be profitable enough that maybe I could go part-time on the day job and part-time on writing and still keep a roof over my family’s head.

But in the world of writing, that seems an almost impossible feat.

And I hate failure.

So perhaps that’s why I set my goal lower. One I thought possible to achieve. Write well enough that it pays for itself. If I need to take a class, or if I need a website etc. that the writing pays for it rather than my day job.

Reach for the stars, but don’t quit your day job.

Not exactly inspirational. But the truth seldom is.


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