Lessons from my Fitbit

Like so many people, (over 20 million devices sold as of May 2015) I, too, have succumbed to the Fitbit craze.

After wearing the device for a couple months, there are several things I’ve learned.



Desk Job Does NOT Equal Steps – During the work day, I get most of my steps walking to and from my car. Other than that, there’s a lot of sitting. Maybe the occasional walk to the bathroom (where I then sit). Or the stroll to a meeting. Where I then sit.

Buzzing me every hour because I haven’t hit the minimum hourly steps is annoying. Yes, I know I’ve been sitting here for an hour and a half. I also wish I wasn’t trapped in this meeting.

Not so sure about the whole treadmill desk thing. And, looking at the price tag on them, I don’t see my company springing for one anytime soon. Unless, of course, we can justify it with some sort of cost savings initiative. Maybe they’ll link my laptop’s power supply to the treadmill.

Of course, there is also the human hamster ball, complete with plans on how to make one yourself. I can see that going over well with corporate America.


Reading and Writing are Not the Most Athletic Hobbies – Not trading my home desk or my comfy reading recliner for the human hamster ball, however.


Owning a Fitbit Does Not Magically Make One Love Athletic Hobbies – How I wish it did! Still hate jogging, still love reading.


Simply Owning a Fitbit Does Not Confer Fitness – Not that I thought it would, but it would’ve been nice.


One Cannot Log Steps When One Forgets – Their Fitbit in the bathroom, at the charging station, in the bottom of their drawer. Although, sometimes I wonder if it’s my subconscious at work. Trying to trick me into thinking I took more steps than I did. The weekly e-mail telling you your “progress” however, never forgets how few steps you took. And that day I forgot to wear it isn’t going to make up for the 30,000 steps I’m missing this week.


Amazing How few “steps” that 30 minutes on the elliptical produces. – I guess you’re supposed to be concentrating on the workout and trying to go fast, rather than concentrating on the story on your Kindle or how you can jam a book in the book holder and turn the pages while your arms go back and forth.


None of Your Friends Will “Friend” You on the Fitbit App – Because they’re all working the same desk job and enjoying the same recliner and aren’t ready to admit to you how few steps they’re taking. Not that you want them to friend you, because then they’ll see how little you’re doing!

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9 thoughts on “Lessons from my Fitbit

  1. This is awesome. I’m that person on fitbit who does all the steps. I’ve had a couple of hard weeks where I’ve been sick and not walking as much. But overall? I do a lot of steps. I take my breaks at work. If I’m having a hard time figuring something out? Go for a short walk. When I’m stumped about writing something? Go for a walk.

    Working out never seems to be as many steps as just, eh, I’ll go for a walk at lunch. (Skiing is the worst, the better you are at it the fewer steps you get!)

    If you like getting the little bubble to turn green then I recommend changing your step goal to just above what you normally do. It seems to be a great spurrer. (I bumped mine up, but you can bump it down too, a little more is still more.)

    I love my fitbit. And I’m kind of interested to see what the new challenge things they have are, like go walk through parks or something? Not entirely sure, I signed up for one when it showed up yesterday on my phone. I liked the badges but I haven’t gotten one in forever which is depressing.

  2. You rock! I have to figure out how to get more steps. It’s a learning process, I suppose.

    And my baseline is pretty depressing. But I can only get better!

    My company is not really conducive to walking, but I will figure something out.

    1. I got to try the adventure thing today? SO COOL! I hope it stays that cool. I didn’t finish the first trail, but I did go for a little bonus walk this evening to clear my head and get more steps.

        1. It is on the challenges tab in the app. The first one was Vernal Falls in Yosemite (or it was for me not sure if it is the same for everyone). As I walked today it would pop up and tell me I’d hit a landmark and each one had a beautiful picture that was panoramic so as you turn your phone you see more of the image. Plus little challenges and information bits along the way. Like one was clear your mind for a minute, one was a dip stretch, a few were cool things about the creation of Yosemite.
          Just sort of very cool. I haven’t finished yet but I’ll do that tomorrow. (I’ve got about 4.5K steps left.)

          1. Totally! It doesn’t start the thing until the next day I think? So if you click to start today you’ll actually start tomorrow? I’m not 100% sure since it just came out. But it does seem like a good addition to the app.

  3. Ha. It is hard to get more and more of these steps lol I sometimes hate that little thing on my wrist but still wear it as it reminds me to move more even if the more isn’t huge, it’s still better than nothing. Keep it up 🙂

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