Five Things I Learned from Stephanie Plum (so far)

I started reading this series as a break from my normal romance fare. I’d hoped it would teach me some things I could use in my own writing. And, well, my mother and sister both raved about the series and had it on hand to loan to me…

I did learn some things from the series. Not as much as I’d hoped, but it did cleanse the mental palette a bit for me after reading so many romances.

Perhaps more will sink in with time. In the meantime, here are a few things that I either learned or knew and were further confirmed:

  1. Humor is a double edged sword. If I find something funny, I’m hooked. If the humor falls flat, so does my interest. Humor also doesn’t seem to age well.
  2. Show Don’t Tell. This author does it very well. When she does describe things, it’s very evocative. You really feel like you’re there.
  3. Pacing. Keep the action moving.
  4. Characters make the story. Have fun with them. Let them be a little crazy. It makes them relatable.
  5. Romance is important. Even in non-romance novels. And while not part of the main plot, it still must be handled with care.

I am hoping to return to the series in a few months and see what I think of it then. A part of me worries I read too much of it too quickly. As with so many things, time will tell.

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