How I Finished My First Rewrite

I finally finished my first rewrite of my second novel.

Let the celebration commence!


I’d love to tell you I did it through sheer determination and laser focus. The truth is it had more to do with my bad habit of not being able to set aside a crummy book than any inner will power.

The book I’m reading is terrible. I don’t like the hero or the woman he thinks he wants to marry. The woman the author is setting him up to fall in love with started out fine, but now she’s annoying me. The plot is so sparse as to be non-existent, and a single two minute conversation which could’ve and should’ve been had would have solved all issues up to where I am in the story. Which is page 239 of 321.

But it did mean when I stopped writing and opened up my kindle app, I didn’t actually want to read what was there. And I am terrible about putting a book aside . . .

So, I focused on my revision.

After finishing the revision, I went back through a couple more times to smooth it as the revision was more like rewriting over half of what was there. I’m sure I have a lot more fixes coming, but at the moment, I want to wait and see if my beta readers find any glaring errors in the characters or plot.

I am considering setting aside the fantasy romance I’ve been writing and trying my hand at a Regency novel. I read them and enjoy them as I haven’t been able to find much in the fantasy romance genre but can always find Regency. As such, I’ve read a great many Regency novels of late even as I’ve been looking for more with knights, magic, and maybe an elf or three.

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3 thoughts on “How I Finished My First Rewrite

  1. I’m rewriting my first novel at the minute, it happens to be about knights, magic, elves, faeries and more. That being said, if you find a similar novel, give me a shout so I can read it too. I wondered when to bring the beta readers in, now I know. Lovely blog & good luck with the second book!

    1. My first novel, I did at least 4 revisions before sending it to a beta reader. I wanted it to be perfect. And then she told me my whole ending needed work…all the pretty written prose chucked out. So I sent it earlier this time.

      1. If I’m honest it’s already had 1 rewrite. My writing has improved so I went back half way through the process. I’ll start research beta reads for the end of summer.

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