Book Review: Magic of "I Do"

Rating: 3.5/5

Title: Magic of “I Do”

Author: Tammy Falkner


This was an easy read. After getting a bit into the book, I realized it was part of a series. Not sure if it’s the second or third book. Might have been a better read if I’d read the earlier works, but it did stand alone.

The gist of the story is a lord from Regency England falls in love with a fairy from the land of the Fae. On their first night together. *eye roll* He has her vial of fairy dust so she can’t do magic. She pretends to get a little intoxicated and helps him do likewise. They have sex, and while he’s sleeping it off, she steals back her fairy dust and slips away.

Seems like a one night stand, except they’re now in love with each other…

There’s a bit about not knowing her parents because her father is human and so she was taken from them and raised by grandparents… Maybe there was more on this in the first book, but this felt like it was loaded with plot potential that never happened.

There was no world-building for the Fae lands. None. I never understood why there was an issue between the Fae and humans having relations. Other than the Plot Demands It.


  1. The steamy scenes were well done.
  2. The author earned her ending with the villain. Everything has been laid out throughout the story, so his demise is well staged.
  3. While they fell in love way too quickly, the sweet romance between the characters appealed to me.



  1. I never understood the villain. Why didn’t he just kill the heroine when he had her? Where was the heroine’s magic dust?
  2. The overall plot was pretty sparse. And  I am not much of a fan of characters falling in love after knowing each other one night.
  3. The heroine did some risky, stupid things and didn’t seem able to take care of herself. Would have much preferred to see her as strong, independent and capable.


Overall, an easy read. Nothing unexpected, nothing very memorable, but a pleasant way to spend an evening.



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