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I rewrote my query, and after taking a deep breath, I sent my “baby” back out into the big mean world.

I have been trying to push myself so that if I am not feeling inspired to write, then I can work on the “business” aspect of writing.


It’s gotten me to at least get my work back out there. I need to push myself a little harder on this, but frankly, it’s probably not going to happen. It’s asking me to change a fundamental part of myself that pushes hard to succeed, but tends to push in areas where I know I can be successful.

Failure is painful and not something I have ever taken well. Probably because for most of my life failure wasn’t permitted. I never learned how to do it with grace.

This article in Elle that states women are much less likely to takes risks than men because we are punished more for failure really resounded with me. I saw myself in several aspects of the article, up to and including why I changed my major in college.

But, as I told DD1 in the car this week, you can never succeed if you don’t try. Time to put my keyboard where my mouth is.

I have also contemplated trying to find some quality “craft” books. Books that teach you how to be a better writer. I’ve read Stephen King’s autobiography. It was a good read, and perhaps I should reread it as it’s been many years since I read it.

Interestingly, I haven’t been able to find any craft written by Nora Roberts, Stephanie Laurens, J.K. Rowling or the like. Not sure how much stock I put in a craft book written by someone that isn’t a bestselling author. It does seem that a lot of people make a lot of money on writers trying to get published.

I do follow some blogs on the craft of writing, but I don’t feel like I’ve ever gotten much out of them. Partially, because none of them are geared to Romance writers. And partially, I think, because I learn by example. Theory does little for me. I learned more my first year in public accounting than I did all four years of college.

I also contemplated a writer’s conference, but that is out of the question. The expense makes it impossible, and DH would kill me if I thought I was leaving him alone with the two girls for a week. And, being an introvert, going to a conference where I wouldn’t know anyone would be a personal hell.

For the moment, I’ll stick to reading and see if that helps my writing. I will go back and pull out Stephen King’s autobiography. I’ll keep reading blogs. And I’ll keep clicking away on the keyboard.

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2 thoughts on “Back to Business

  1. Really good post and thank you for the article link. (Which makes me feel a little better about the CHARGE plan I set up. Which may or may not have been influenced heavily by dude telling me to just go for it, and continually repeating it again and again.)

    Something I’ve discovered is that Best Selling is weird. I’ve been looking at a lot of covers and reading a lot of marketing things. Best Selling seems, like a really broad thing and …like even more skewed and weird than the Oscars. I always thought it was just, oh, they sold a lot of things. Well yeah, but if you put your book on sale, and do all the right pushes in all the right places (which can take a lot of work) that getting a Best Selling stamp from some place isn’t all that impossible. It is still a big feat, but it isn’t all someone bought my book in the airport because that’s all there is. It’s a lot of strategy. A lot of strategy. Which…can actually be super useful to know about.

    I am really sure there are a lot of romance blogs and resources and books written by best sellers, it is just a matter of finding them. I get mired in the SFF world a lot but occasionally I’ll stumble across the romance world and it is like this glimpse into a giant kingdom. Whoah. When you read a book do you deconstruct it down to what worked and why and why things did and all that jazz with someone? I sort of do that with anyone who will listen (and have interesting input). It helps a lot because for writing, sort of all of it is theory. If you write, did you actually do the thing you were trying to do? Does this end a scene late? Early? Why do people like this character? (I read reviews of things to try to understand why people like characters I don’t like.)

    That was a lot of words. You got me thinking this morning!

    1. I haven’t studied that much about how to get a bestseller. You’re right, there is a lot to it, and Amazon running a “sale” on it that gets publicity might be a player in that! I should probably spend more time researching this.

      I do subscribe to a Romance book review. They send out book recommendations and review what they’re reading. It’s the best I’ve found, and I love that their book reviews can be scathing when the book deserves it.

      I have been trying more to analyze more as I read. It’s just a bit harder as no one else reads what I’m reading. So it does help a lot to read other’s reviews and try to put my thoughts together for the books I’ve been reading. More on that will be in Friday’s post 🙂

      It’s also interesting how much is based on personal taste. How much I can forgive because I love a character.

      I did spend sometime looking for blogs of Romance writer’s. I should try harder. I really need . . . I don’t know. I say a long weekend, but I know I’ll burn out looking for blogs, writing, and studying craft and end up on book bender. I need an extra couple hours a day so I can write AND do the business stuff.

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