Part 4: Second Chance for Paladin Danse

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Part 4: Second Chance for Paladin Danse

She woke up wrapped in his arms, his hard chest against her back, and she pressed herself closer to him. Things had gotten complicated, but before she could dwell on it, she felt him nibbling the soft flesh of her shoulders and the sensitive area at the top of her spine. His hands reached around and cupped her breasts, teasing over the sensitive peaks as he massaged the tender globes.

A soft moan escaped her and she twined her arms up around his neck, giving him total access to her.

Access he took.

Lifting her thigh over his leg, he probed her slickness, then slid into her.

She closed her eyes and gave herself over to sensation. Gave herself to him.

He felt her surrender, felt her let go and give him his way. He smiled against her smooth flesh, touching, stroking, indulging his senses in her. The sweet feminine scent of her, her tight sheath that gripped him as he plumbed her core, the feel of her silken skin under his hard hands.

He wanted to make her climax again, make her lose control as he saturated her with pleasure.

He teased a pert peak one final time then eased his hand lower, over the gentle curve of her belly and into the dark curls.

She gasped as he found her tender button and stroked. Her head fell back against his chest as she tried to process the feel of him deep inside her, his rhythmic thrusts filling her over and over, as his hands drove her further still.

The sensation built, pushing her higher and higher, and with one final thrust, he sent her up and over. Pleasure exploded through her, the culmination of fulfilled desire and passion.

Her body tightened around him as pleasure took her, and he could hold back no longer as he lost himself in her.

Still inside her, her turned her in his arms so he could feel her cheek against his chest.

“I love you, Danse,” she whispered as her arms tightened around him.

He’d never had anyone say to that to him before. Not say it and mean it. “Marry me, Tesla. You don’t have to be Brotherhood. Just come back with me.”

“Those word weren’t meant to trap you.”

“Which makes them all the sweeter. I’ve never felt this way about anyone, and I don’t think I ever will again.”

She brushed aside a lock of his dark hair as she smiled into his deep brown eyes. “I worry that you feel this way because I helped you, and then you were stuck with me for weeks. It’s called the Nightengale effect.”

“Not the first time I’ve been injured and needed healing.” He brought her fingers to his lips as he molded her naked body against his.

She fingered the holotags her wore even now. “I’m not sure you’ll feel the same way once you return to your brothers and sisters.”

“I’m more worried about not coming back to you. Of someone bringing you back my tags.”

She held him close and listened to the strong steady beat of his heart. “If you still love me and want me to marry you in six months, I will.”


“That way you’re sure. And I’m sure you really love me.”

He held her close, stroking the soft curves of her body. Then he rolled her beneath him and made love to her again.


Time escaped them. He’d waited as long as he could to take her back to her Vault and return to the Brotherhood. Danse donned his power armor as she got into hers.

“Six months.” He touched a gauntleted hand to her cheek.

“Your holotags. If you decide you still want me, there’s a tiny transmitter in them.” She leaned forward and lifted them, the fresh smell of her wafting over him and making him want to carry her back to bed.

She smiled, touched her lips to his, and then showed him how to use the transmitter. He memorized it, certain he would be using it at the end of six months.

They donned their helmets, picked up their rifles, and walked over to the elevator. It opened, and a moment later, they were walking back into the searing light of the wasteland.

The helmet muted the glare, making the bright light bearable after weeks in the bunker. Still, his heart was heavy and his eyes stung as he turned and led Tesla across the wastes to Diamond City.

They came across the occasional feral ghoul or raider and made short work of them. It felt strange to be out here with her, skirting super mutants and ferals, rather than leading a Brotherhood squad to exterminate them. Even after all the instruction and training he’d given her before leaving the bunker, she was still a civilian. And he wanted to keep her that way.

Her mismatched armor no longer looked mismatched; the little bots had been working hard on it after they’d finished repairing his. Hers had a slight shimmer to it in the fading light and looked almost ethereal. It suited her better than the mismatched stuff ever had, though he liked her best of all wearing nothing but him.

Shaking his head, he pushed the thought aside and concentrated on getting them to their destination.


They tromped into Diamond City, but none of the guards gave them more than a curt nod.

They didn’t look like raiders, and Danse wondered what he and Tesla did look like. He looked down at the winged sword on his chest plate. Had word of the Brotherhood already made it to Diamond City? The Brotherhood hadn’t been in the Commonwealth long, but it boded well if they were already well received. Perhaps they’d be able to build another fortress on par with the Citadel. Much safer for soldiers and their families.

As he led her through the makeshift city, she paused and looked up at the lights. “Last time I was here, my father bought me boiled peanuts and …”

Danse took off his helmet and gave her moment. When she removed hers, he could see the tears  shining in her eyes.

He leaned down and kissed her, a gauntleted hand stroking her cheek.

To hell with baseball, she had him. A smile curved her lips, she blinked back the memories, and followed him to the Dugout Inn.

Vadim greeted them, his eastern European accent making Tesla arch an eyebrow. “I’m surprised anyone has an accent after 200 years.”

Danse shrugged as he got them a room and something to eat.

“Ah, lovebirds.” Vadim grinned as Danse scowled at him. “But how you make love through so much metal?”

Tesla laid a hand over Danse’s, quieting him as she smiled at Vadim. “It’s tricky and complicated, but where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Vadim laughed and spread his arms wide. “Ah, you will have to show me sometime.”

“No.” Danse’s fists balled, but Vadim laughed, clapped him on the shoulder, and went to see to his other customers.

Tesla slid her chair closer to Danse and kissed his cheek. “He means well. I think.”

Pulling her a bit closer, Danse glared at Vadim. He said little else as they finished eating. When they were done, he led her to the room.

Closing and locking the door, he faced it and stepped out of his power armor, making it impossible for someone to open it. She stood beside his armor and stepped out as well, then they each removed their power core.

Once the cores were safely secreted away, Danse pulled her to him, his mouth hot and hungry on hers. He molded her body against his, then stripped her out of her vault suit and tossed it aside. He yanked off his own Brotherhood fatigues, picked her up, and carried her to the bed.

As he laid her down, he came down beside her, his mouth plundering hers as his hands explored her, memorizing every inch of her silken skin, every curve, every detail.

She wrapped her arms around him, feeling his thick muscles bunch under her fingers as she opened herself to him, letting him take all he wanted.

And he wanted everything.

He stroked down her slim body, pausing to tease her rosy peaks. He palming her tender globes in his calloused hands before his lips and tongue found them. She groaned, arching beneath him as his mouth fastened around one pert bud and suckled.

“Danse,” she groaned as she her nails bit into wide expanse of his back and shoulders.

He gave her no quarter as he moved his attentions from one nipple to the other, his hands still stroking her, touching, exploring. They eased down over her soft belly and down her rounded him, teasing the curve of her thigh as he moved higher and found her soft petals. He dipped one finger and then a second into her soft inner recesses as his thumb found her hidden pearl.

A soft moan escaped her, her body alight with passion and a bone deep need for him.

As if sensing it, he released her swollen breast and took her mouth with his, his tongue and lips claiming her as he parted her thighs and guided his shaft into her slickness.

And then he was in her, his strong hard body pushing her back into the mattress as he took her, filled her, and made her his. She threaded her fingers though his hair then stroked down his broad shoulders and over the wide expanse of his back. She gripped the knotted steel of his strong arms as he took her, his strong steady strokes pushing them both higher.

She was lost beneath him. The feel of him filling her as his heavily muscled chest pressed against her tender breasts overwhelmed her senses. So hot, hard and wholly male. She lost herself in the feel of him, in the clean masculine scent of him, in the exotic taste of him.

His hands skated lower over her body, found her little nub, and stroked. Her head lolled back as desire seared her, but he gave her no quarter, his hard body driving her higher and higher as his tongue claimed her mouth.

She was his.

She surrendered, giving herself over completely to everything that was between them. Quieting her thoughts and fears until all she knew was him and the passion and love that was between them.

Pushing, driving her relentlessly up until desire crescendoed. She cried out and clung to him as wave after wave took her. He clutched her hard against him, holding her as he gave in to his own needs and filled her with himself.

He gathered her to him, smoothing her hair as he teased his lips over hers.

Here, now, the conqueror was replaced by kindness and compassion. She lay against him as he continued to touch her, his fingers soft, gentle, almost reverent.

She was undone. And not by one of the many scientists that had wanted her over the years, or by the traders or mercenaries she’d dealt with. She’d lost her heart to a machine that was more human than most of the men she’d met.

She held him tightly, praying that he’d still love her six months. She’d love him for the rest of her life in Vault 010, and a lifetime there was a very long time indeed.

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