Doubt: The Tyrannosaurus Demon

The niggle of doubt when I first sent out my work has grown into a full blown Tyrannosaurus demon, devouring any creativity I had and leaving me snarling and snapping.

Doubt. You remember him.

I got another rejection letter. Four of the five letters I send out have already been rejected.

Like a good little wannabe published writer, I went back to the Writer’s Market and read through a list of agents. I ticked off several that felt like a good fit, but found one that looked like an amazing fit. Visited their website, yes, the one agent in the publishing house looked like she was after exactly what I was writing. I read through their submissions guidelines, and recrafted my query letter to meet those exact guidelines.

And received an instant rejection as the agent was no longer accepting queries.  I promise nowhere on the webpage or the Writer’s Market did it indicate this was the case. I had read the submissions guidelines on the webpage thoroughly. Multiple times.

So, the entire time I had to write last night ended up being a complete waste of time.

And I’m still struggling with the query letter.

Maybe that means I don’t have enough conflict. Or not the right conflict.

Or, I’ve been reading too much on how to query in genres outside of mine.

No idea, but either way, I see why so many people quit. I see why the doubt can build up and you wonder what’s the point.

I made myself finish off the night by repacking it and sending it to yet another agent.

I’m getting to that point, but I’m not there yet.

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2 thoughts on “Doubt: The Tyrannosaurus Demon

  1. Keep going. You only need one yes. Very much the hard part of things. Great job on pushing forward to do more last night.
    Good luck with the next round.

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