This is my busy season at work, although really, when isn’t it with the projects in the off season. There has been quite a bit of additional stress this year, especially with my little one getting pneumonia in the middle of it. Still, starting to see light.

On the writing front, I may be able to “finish” my first draft of that very difficult character. So exciting! After everything I went through, 80,000 words I wrote in two other attempts (which I may try to rework for different characters – like the story but I need a less ruthless hero to make them work), I finally may have a rough draft!

It’ll be short again, around 55,000 words. It’ll suffer from lack of description, and I already know one part that needs significant beefing up, but that will come during the first revision phase when I can focus on that rather than where the story is going.

Giddy sort of excitement as Stage 1 wraps up. And maybe a little sadness. I love the part where the characters are in your head “talking” to you. Granted, the rough revisions will bring that back as I rip at the guts of the story rather than focus on grammatical issues like should I use lie or lay.

I still need to work on the mostly finished manuscript, add a bit of flesh to its lean fame, and package it up for submission. It’s been a mixture of wanting to work on the first draft of the new manuscript combined with a bit of procrastination on the old. I hate rejection. It sucks. And I have a long line of it ahead of me to even have a chance to get the first one published. ¬†Ugh.

Back to basking in the joy of an almost done rough draft. And not losing focus on that!


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