No Whining

I fuss (okay, maybe yell) at my oldest child to stop whining. Every day. Multiple times a day.

So, I don’t want to devolve into whining myself even if it’s been a rough few weeks.


My little one had pneumonia. We got through it.

Had some career stuff really stressing me out. I got through it

My daycare closed due to a power outage. We coped.

My older child woke up vomiting, and I lost a whole afternoon I had planned to spend writing, cleaning up and taking care of her. We managed.


Yes, it’s taken me longer than I had wanted to get through this revision of Knight of Valor. I didn’t really get the “sit down and read it all the way through without interruption” experience I wanted. And I won’t have time for that until  the kids are in college. I’ll make do.

The revisions are done. The read through is done. I have sent it off for a final review to make sure I didn’t break anything as I was took the characters out of the blank rooms I’d put them in and worked to bring their world to life for the reader.

I will get through the query letter and synopsis sometime in the next week. Then, I will figure how to work the Writer’s Digest electronic subscription I have to send it off for its first rejection.

I will get this story submitted. Not sure when. Not exactly on my timeline, but it will get done.

As I am tidying up Knight of Valor for submission, I need to keep my writing skills sharp. I feel like I have come a long way in the last 15 months in terms of both quality and quantity. I finished the rough draft of The Devil’s Due, and it needs a strong first edit that usually involves a huge chunk of fresh writing and rewriting. I have been thinking about this second manuscript more, considering additional detail I should add.

I have a very long car trip in my future to see extended family (with 2 small children. Joy!). Perhaps the car ride will be quiet enough I can do some thinking, maybe even some writing on the laptop. We’ll see.

I am not giving up. I am not backing down. But sometimes there are a few unexpected pit stops on the journey.

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One thought on “No Whining

  1. Getting up and continuing forward again after pit stops is an underrated skill. Doing it and showing it can be done will help your little ones learn it too. Parenting by example. And writing. And continuing. All in one. Good luck!

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