I read one Stephen King book and kept my drapes closed for a month. I never read another. I have never liked being scared. I don’t do corn mazes, haunted houses, or scary movies.

Not sure if it’s something intrinsic to me or if it’s because it fuels twisted dreams I’ve had most of my life. Lately, I have been haunted by dreams of a Dexter (watched one episode, wish I hadn’t), Law &Order SVU and occult mash up. The dreams follow a team of detectives as they investigate some gruesome murders.

In one dream, the killer ripped people in half at the spine above the hips and somehow preserved the horror on their faces even as they decomposed. He then buried their top halves to preserve their expression forever. My team of investigators found them and were looking for their bottom halves in hopes of finding clues that would lead to the killer.

A second investigation involved the junior member of the team coming upon the gruesome murder site first with the local police and photographing it for evidence, not realizing the murderer wasn’t done as they had yet to move and properly position the bodies. The murderer then stalks this junior member to get the camera. Not because of incriminating evidence, but because it showed their “work in progress.”

Strangest thing about my dreams, while they are in vivid color and sound, there is never any smell. Small kindness, I suppose.

DH is intrigued, especially as he knows I avoid anything scary and have for my whole life. He thinks I should write it all down and turn the dreams into stories. He wants to see what happens to these investigators. Learn more about the murderers and why they are doing what they’re doing (feeds into the occult). ┬áI don’t want to add any more fuel to the imaginative fire and would┬árather find a way to dream of unicorns and rainbows!

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  1. I’m incredibly with you on the horror no go. I vote strongly think of happy fluffy unicorns and puffy clouds and glitter and sparkles before bed. You can only write well on a full night’s rest.

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