Where did you come from?

I am still pushing through my Roadblock issues. Working through the story as this cold sucker punches me has been challenging. Very challenging.

But I have kept at it.

As I was writing what I thought would be a throw away character, I was surprised how often he kept coming up. And coming back.

I ignored him for a bit as I wasn’t sure how he fit into my outline of a story, but the more I wrote, the more I want to add him. He’s not the brilliant but ivory tower character I had planned to include. More gritty, worldly, and altogether jaded.

He really messes with my outline. But maybe that’s what the story needs. Maybe I need a more organic approach, to let things go a little more where they will.

Or maybe too much cough syrup and sleep deprivation have caught up to me. Whatever the case, I’m going to give him a try and see where the story goes.

That’s what revisions are for, right?

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