Time to Try

So, I wrote that query.

Three times.

And scrapped all of them.  I’ve started again, and I am hoping that practice makes perfect. Or at least pretty good.

I’ve never been good at sales, and I couldn’t give away food to a starving man.  So trying to write a sales pitch that feels authentic is hard.

I ordered the deluxe version of the 2016 Writer’s Guide because in 2016, I want to be able to filter, sort and index publishers and agents. I want to be able to save them down to Excel to track who I am querying and Outlook so it can notify me when the 6-8 weeks has passed for a response. And, of course, the financial outlay helps motivate me to at least try.

I tell myself that even if I get 50 rejections, I am really no worse off than I am now. Not really.

Now, back to writing that query!

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