Something New

I have started thinking through a new story idea. Completely new. And I am excited, filled with hope and potential. My mind is racing. Characters are talking in my head again.

I started writing an outline, but rather than my normally organized, bullet pointed outline, this is more stream of conscious.

Maybe it’ll work better, maybe not.

Funny thing, it’s the same difficult character from the other story. Put in a new story in a new way, and I feel like it works. I keep him out of his center of power without weakening him. It lets him be ruthless without asking him to be ashamed of it. It lets him be both protector and conqueror.

The female lead is the same and different. It lets her be softer, less powerful, but still in control. I think. I need to work more on her.

I am planning to save all those thousands of words on the other stories and try to recast them with different characters.

I am just glad they are interrupting my thoughts again.


Oh yeah, I am still working on that query. Slugging through it and very, very thankful for my two beta readers who haven’t cut me any slack on it.

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