Silver Lining Synopsis

So, the one “good” thing about all of the family issues that silenced my muse is that I was able to make some really good notes in an old fashioned notebook about the synopsis. My husband took the baby for a couple hours while I turned those notes into a synopsis.

With the first draft written, I can read and revise it on my iPad. (I have yet to find a way to type with any ease of the iPad while sitting on the recliner with a baby on my lap. Revising and reworking seems a bit easier, although still clunky).

I have already put in several revisions, and while it’s not done, it’s looking better.

I am going to send it to mt beta reader to see what she thinks before trying to revise it further.

Perhaps, in a couple of weeks, I will have my submission package finalized. Then, I will have to summon the courage for the pile of rejections coming.

One step at a time, one step at a time.

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