So, I have finally finished the query to both of my beta readers’ satisfaction!  I now have to start work on a synopsis. I have looked for some guidance on how to write one of these, and I will start that when inspiration wanes for my current manuscript. It is going so well right now, I just don’t want to rock the boat!

Here is the query letter after about 40 revisions. I am only slightly exaggerating . . .


Dear Person’s Name From the Writer’s Digest,

Discovering that her master plans to sacrifice her in a dark ritual, Brelynn flees and arranges to trade her secrets of sorcery to Aerius’s king in return for asylum in the holy city. Her master wants her back and unleashes his undead armies to retrieve her.  Brelynn’s only chance to reach Aerius is the famed lich slayer Sir Marcus Valerian, a devout Paladin that suspects her of darker intentions. But Marcus swore to obey his king, and he fights beside her as they journey to Aerius.

As they travel together, they feel things neither expected. Brelynn tries to harden her heart, believing Marcus could never love a former servant of darkness. Marcus struggles to reconcile the teachings of his order with his feelings for her.

Determined to capture her and complete the ritual, Brelynn’s master launches a devastating assault that threatens to destroy Marcus and Brelynn’s love and devour their souls.

KNIGHT OF VALOR is a 76,000 word paranormal romance about love, self-realization and sacrifice.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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