Next Up – Synopsis

After slogging through a query letter (thanks to my two beta readers who really helped me with it!), now I am supposed to write a synopsis.

There is far more information out there on query letters than on a synopsis, so I dropped a question in the inbox of a freelance editor’s blog I follow. He was kind enough to answer with more detail, and industry experience, than what I’ve seen out there.

Still, it’s “ugh”. I don’t want to write a synopsis. I want to work on my current project.

Know what? It’s still a hobby to me. I have published nothing. My day job pays the bills. I am going to run with the glory and joy of a new project until the words stop coming like rain on the 4th of July. (Maybe that’s just my 4th of July, but whatever).

I will write the synopsis. And revise it 17-18 times if my query is any measure, but I will do it when it doesn’t suck the joy out of the project I am currently working on.

No, not very professional of me. But I’m not a professional writer. Yet. Maybe not ever. I’m not published, and I may never be. But inspiration is so fleeting, and my muse loves to hide for long stretches at a time. That seems like a better time to take on the job aspects of writing a synopsis  rather than when my muse is screaming in my ear and I can’t find the time to listen or type fast enough when I do have some time !

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