Or a much needed break?

Not sure which it is, but I have decided to put the manuscript I am working on to the side for 2 weeks and work on something else.

The characters no longer invade my thoughts on my drive home. I no longer “hear” them when I’m in the shower. They no longer sneak into my thoughts when I’m in a meeting.

I don’t even want to sit down to write, and that’s telling. Maybe I am trying too hard. Maybe the story isn’t very good. Maybe I don’t yet have the skills to bring someone as difficult as this hero to life.

Not sure, but taking this break lets me recharge my batteries on this manuscript while I practice my skills on something else. All without jeopardizing my ability to pay the mortgage or feed my family. Makes me realize how hard it must be for writers to make a living at this, and that isn’t even taking into consideration the business side of writing.

Perhaps I will take this time to write that query letter I’ve been putting off.

I am not done with this difficult hero, I just need a break from him. Promise.

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4 thoughts on “Defeat?

      1. I think it is hard to judge how much time is a good amount of time to spend on writing when you have a full time job. I know I’ve been really struggling with this. I tried doing a mandatory evening each week blocked off and not doing anything writing related, but I had a hard time with that. I don’t have solutions, but much solidarity!

  1. It’s hard. DH is supportive, and he helps a lot with the kids, but its even harder to carve time away from the family when nothing’s coming. Thanks for the support. It’s always good to know you’re not alone.

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