Creative Rejuvenation

Writing a query letter is hard. Much harder than I expected, and it further tapped my drying well of creativity.

After slogging through issues with a character and his story, writing a query was one of the worst things I could have done for my creative rejuvenation. I don’t have a lot of time to spend writing between my day career, kids, and spouse. The time I do have, I would like to be enjoyable, or at least not a drain.

The flash fiction challenge I participated in almost made things worse. I “rolled” a combination to write about that I just couldn’t do. Then I remembered I am not in school. I am not being graded on this. I can decide not to do it and there are absolutely no repercussions.

I rerolled and wrote something else entirely.

I am not yet ready to tackle my difficult project, but I do think I am ready to try something new.

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3 thoughts on “Creative Rejuvenation

  1. Have you considered taking a break? A week or even just a couple days? Some space can give a great new view of the world. It’s only like 200 miles up to see the whole world from the ISS after all. I know people who commute more than that.

    Fun side projects are good. Short stories, idea building, research. (I’m soliciting authors to write flash fiction for my new podcast! It’s only 1K, any 1K.)

      It’s starting “preseason” in a week and then it launches for real on March 25th. I’m going to mostly go for sci-fi and fantasy. My biggest line is everything has to be 1K or less, otherwise it could go over 10 minutes.
      I’m bad at promoting and recruiting, but I’m trying. And I’ve really liked some of the flash fiction challenges you’ve done so, I’m trying the recruiting thing 🙂

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