If I ever get a call from the FBI, not sure I’d be entirely surprised. Over the course of the last 13 weeks, I have Googled some pretty interesting things:

  • Stab wounds – severity, and length of time to heal (I also learned that it is actually pretty hard to stab someone to death. Doable, but not for the amateur).
  • Gus shot wounds
  • Arrow wounds
  • Chest wounds- which led to
  • Sucking chest wounds and how to treat them differently
  • Effects of blood loss
  • Aortic regurgitation
  • How long germs live outside the body
  • How fast a bear runs
  • Vampire castles
  • Middle Ages city planning
  • Planting seasons

Interesting as I mostly write Romantic Fiction.

I find a learn a lot on these Google missions, and sometimes, I spend far more time delving into the details than I ought. I lie to myself and say it makes the story better.

It doesn’t, because really, how many people know or care that a Grizzly bear can sprint 50 yards in 3 seconds (which is 40 MPH) and a polar bear can lope along at 25 MPH? No one, but hey, I learned why they say to play dead with a bear because there is no way my desk jockey legs are going to outrun them.

One thought on “Google

  1. Peregrine falcons are the fastest animal with stoops (hunting dives) of over 200 mph. I want to find a way, but the coolest things always seem to be left on the cutting room floor. The bear thing is great!

    I do use a tor browser when I go deep into things like making explosives, and then I realize no one cares and am sad. Sharing the best googles is awesome.

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