Finding a creative solution to a problem, or a solution at all, tends to involve my more creative side.

We all have our special places where our thoughts flow, and we are able to really create.

When the blank screen is staring at you, daring you to put electrons to work but you have nothing to give, where do you go?

I’d love to give you a pretty answer and say I go for a long walk in the woods or take a soothing bubble bath. In actuality, the most walking I do with two small children is out to the mailbox, and I feel lucky most days if I get 5 minutes in the shower with only one of my children banging on the door.

For me, I find myself the most creative when I am in the car alone. I’d say it was because of the kids, but it’s been true as long as I’ve been driving. I’ve solved a problem that plagued me half the day at work on the commute home, or devised a way to handle complex transactions on my way back from lunch.

The same is true for my writing. I have whole conversations go through my head in the car that dissipate like water vapor once I’ve stopped the car. I may have even solved world hunger and fixed student loan debt while driving, only to forget it once I’ve turned off the engine. I’d like to say I keep a pad of paper in the car for just such musings, but writing is worse than texting so I don’t do it.  I really need to join the modern era and get an app that will just write down what I’m thinking.  Gotta be an app for that.

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